Drzewa solarne

Have you ever left the house with not fully charged telephone or computer battery? Dead battery during the day may be a serious problem but worry no more - we got you covered!

 Solar tree is a unique construction which is not only enjoyable for view but also serves each one of us. Equipped with highly efficient photovoltaic panels placed on modular branches allows anyone in need to charge electronic equipment for free! Solar radiation falling on polycrystalline PV panels, installed on solar tree branches, is subjected to the process of energy conversion to the electricity. This energy can be stored and used efficiently owing to gel batteries the installation is equipped with. 

 Power bench, located near the solar tree, on the inside is equipped with two standard 230V DC sockets and two USB ports, useful for mobile devices. 

 Construction of solar tree in form similar to a natural tree makes it an element which blends nicely into almost every environment - it doesn’t matter if it is a modern urban architecture or a green zone. 

 Usable character of a solar tree becomes an important part of current standards of using and promotion of renewable sources of energy. Power bench, as a mobile devices charging station, with its remarkable form completes the modern style of the whole installation. The unique form of a solar tree significantly improves the prestige of chosen location and enables anyone in need to charge the battery of electronic devices in nice and comfortable surroundings.

Every day engineers from LiWaterTech company design and install solutions which are environmentally friendly and follow the newest trends in technology. Projects of individual sewage treatment plants are conducted by the company, starting with the design and concluding with the assembly and servicing. LiWaterTech company in its rich offer of services includes also water level tests, which are performed before the installation process, wastewater quality testing, individual solutions of drainage systems, repairs of blocked drainage fields and installations of utility photovoltaic systems. Next green projects of solar trees are ongoing and will also include bicycles that can soon be enjoyed by local residents. 

 LiWaterTech company is guided by the motto: "All in the interest of nature! "

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